Big Call For Papers - Day 2 - Expanding your list of ideas

Welcome to the Big Call For Papers!

We’re here to help increase your chances of being selected for one of our 2022 TestBashes.

Helping with idea creation

Coming up with ideas can be tricky at times. I have found myself asking the question “What should I talk about” many times. One piece of advice I was given when I was starting out speaking was to talk to about anything that you have a “Bee in your bonnet about”. So basically, if you are passionate about something, share it!

Whilst that can be a good start, we have shared more detailed ideas around coming up with ideas last year for 99 Minute Workshops but the content is can be applied to anything whether it’s a talk or a workshop. So why not watch through this lesson of becoming a 99 Minute Workshop instructor and see if it helps spark any more ideas:

This video will also help you with today’s activity

Today’s activity - Expanding your list of ideas

Assuming you did yesterdays activity you should have a list of ideas to speak about (it’s if you haven’t, we’re going to do more now).

“Watch the video in this post and see if you can expand your list a bit further. Spend no more than 5 to 10 minutes and just see what you come up with. If there isn’t anything new, that’s ok you may have already found your perfect idea.”

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