Big Call For Papers - Day 3 - Shortlisting ideas

Welcome to the Big Call For Papers!

We’re here to help increase your chances of being selected for one of our 2022 TestBashes.

Need some feedback? Have some questions?

Hopefully, the ideas are flowing for potential submissions! But if you’re not sure about your idea or need some advice we’re running an AMA today over on the call-for-papers channel on Slack.

From 11:30am to 1:00pm GMT myself (Mark) and other members of the team will be about to answer any questions you might have for coming up with ideas for a TestBash submission. Perhaps you need more help coming up with ideas? Or you have an idea but not sure if it is any good? Whatever your question come join us and we’ll help.

If you’re happy with your ideas though, then it’s onto the next activity…

Today’s activity - Shortlising ideas

With your list of draft ideas, it’s time to shortlist the ones you feel the most excited about. I would suggest no more than 3.

"Think about each idea in a bit more detail and consider:

  • Do you have a clear picture of what you would talk about?
  • Are you excited to share the idea?
  • Do you know if it’s a topic that comes up often in the community?

Ask yourself these questions and have a think. For tomorrow we will select one and start getting into the details."

Need help? Want feedback?

If you need extra help be sure to:

And we’ll see how we can help

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