Bloggers Club November 2022 — Three things that have helped me demonstrate the value I bring to a team

Hey folks!

Big apologies for the late entry for November’s Bloggers Club. Nothing like half the time to encourage participation. :sweat_smile: For sure you don’t have to write it by the end of this month, that’s up to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

This month’s topic is

Three things that have helped me demonstrate the value I bring to a team

There’s a lot of discussion in the community about why testers and quality professionals still need to justify their value.

  • How come it’s not so obvious what we do, how we help a team/customers and the value we bring?
  • What things have you done that made a huge difference in changing the perception of the value you and your role bring to a team?
  • How can we help each other to demonstrate our value? What real examples and stories can we share with each other?

Feel free to take these prompts in any direction you like.

Good luck and enjoy writing. Thank you for inspiring the community with your story.

How to get involved


  • Write a blog on the above topic any time in November, ideally by the 30th :writing_hand:
    • No worries if you’re “late”
  • It can be as long or as short as you want it to be
  • Share a link to the blog on this thread or post to LinkedIn Articles or similar
    • If you don’t have a blog feel free to write directly in the thread.
  • Receive lots of support, encouragement, and love from the community :heart:
  • Get a shout-out from the Ministry of Testing Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • If you want to get reminders to submit your blog, RSVP below

Here’s my little post for November:


Fantastic, thanks for sharing! :smiley:


I wrote something up this weekend - it turned into a bit of a ‘growth mindset’ sort of piece and much longer than I expected, but I enjoyed the topic. Be kind!


I wrote it in a question-and-answer style.

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