Call to Contribute - Junior Tester Curriculum Surveys

“How do I get started in software testing?” is a question you’ve probably heard before and one we regularly hear at MoT. But the answers are often wildly different, and the learning paths trodden are frequently arduous.

This year we hope to create the ultimate, definitive answer…

“Follow Ministry of Testing’s open-source Junior Software Tester curriculum”

Our curriculum will be modern and complete, with a focus on helping folks get jobs and perform their roles successfully.

We Need You!

No one knows what junior software testers need to know and do better than junior testers themselves, so we need your knowledge and insights. We’ll also look to capture valuable experiences from managers and recruiters of Junior Testers.

How to Help Right Now

Complete a Survey - currently we’re running three surveys (closing date: 6th March 2023) to capture insights from our three target groups, if you’re one of them, please click the link to complete the survey:

  1. Complete the Junior Testers survey - a short survey for Junior Software Testers/Junior Test Engineers/Junior QA Engineers on their role and training needs.

  2. Complete the Managers of Junior Testers survey - a short survey for managers of Junior Software Testers on what they need, look for and offer junior testers in their teams.

  3. Complete the Recruiters of Junior Testers survey - a short survey for managers of Junior Software Testers on what you look for in candidates and what typical candidates are like.

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Been a little while since I’ve managed new or very junior testers. But added my thoughts regardless.


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience :pray:


This is a great initiative. I’ve responded as a manager but I’m more a trainer as someone who created the concept of training a tester for The Coders Guild which then became their boot camp and apprenticeship.


Thanks so much for sharing your insights @adystokes ! I imagine we have lots to learn from your experience and hopefully you can join some of the events in the coming months on this project.

As an 18-month tester who also trains and coaches new testers, I really would love to help with this.

I think my viewpoint is very unique, as an ex teacher but also in the “in between land” of Junior- Senior.


It sounds like you’re perfectly placed to help with this curriculum @kelly.kenyon . Thanks for reaching out and showing interest! We’ll be running many interactive webinar events on what junior testers need to know and do very soon. If you’ve completed the survey or subscribed to the topic page, you’ll get notified as soon as they’re live. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences :slightly_smiling_face:

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