Can’t afford a ticket to TestBash Home? This thread is here to help!

If you really want to attend TestBash Home but can’t, for whatever reason, afford a ticket check out this thread.

How to apply

Please respond to this thread or send me a direct message here on The Club.

Please don’t message me on Twitter or LinkedIn etc as I won’t be able to keep track of all of the replies and you may miss out :pray:

How many tickets are available

I have no more tickets available to give away, please keep an eye on the thread below for others who have tickets available.

*Please note that this giveaway is in no way affiliated with the Ministry of Testing or their scholarship program. These are tickets I personally purchased to give away to the community :heart: You can apply to the Ministry of Testing scholarship program separately, see the scholarship page for more information.

Want to give away your own tickets?

If you’d like to give away some tickets to people please reply to this thread with:

  1. The number of tickets you have available
  2. Your preferred contact avenue i.e. should people reply to you here or elsewhere?

Hi @heather_reid thank you so much for your gesture.

I would like to attend but cannot afford. I hope that I am not late.

Thank you once again, even if you have ran out of tickets. :blush:


Hi @trevor7 :wave: Check your emails, you should have a ticket confirmation waiting for you :grin:

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Hi @heather_reid thanks for your kind generosity. can I have a ticket please :pray:

If available I would love a ticket please. Happy to explain my circumstances privately. :pray:

Hi @heather_reid

I am a Masters student looking forward for attending the event. Would you mind giving me a ticket.


Thank you so much. I have confirmed it. I cannot wait to join.

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Great Ticket received, Thanks a lot

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Hi @nehachopra I’m afraid I’ve run out of tickets to give away but please keep an eye on this thread as more may become available :slight_smile:

Hi @nehachopra ,
I also have a ticket to give away. Please contact me via a direct message on The Club so that I can assign this ticket to you.
Kind regards


And the ticket has been assigned.


Hi Heather,

I want to join from India and need just 1 ticket.
I feel the conference will be helpful in my career but at this moment I am not able to afford to spend on ticket.

Would you be please be kind to consider my request.

Thank you @heather_reid

I have 4 tickets that I am happy to donate :sunny: Reply if you would like one.


@ashsoftwaretester DM me your email, and you have one on me.

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Thanks I have DMed you

Hi @rhianlewis , I’m a a third year engineering student and cannot afford the testbash ticket. It would be great if you could help me with it. Thank you so much, Rhian.
@heather_reid thank you so much for bringing this thread up. It’s a boon for all the students and people who cannot afford the tickets but really wish to attend the conference :slight_smile:


Hi Aishwarya, it’s my pleasure :grinning: Send me a DM with your email and I will assign it.


Hi Rhian,

Very sweet of you. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I am unable to DM you. My email is Could you please send an email at this address and we could continue with further conversation there. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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I’ve just assigned your ticket @aish21294 :grinning: Hoping it has worked - let me know if not!

Thank you sooooo much!!! I received my ticket! :hugs:

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