Can’t afford a ticket to TestBash Home? This thread is here to help!

Hi, do you still have one ticket available?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Rhian,
I would like to attend but cannot afford it, can I have a Ticket Please?
Thanks in advance

Hi rhianlewis! Hope you are doing great! I would like one if you still have! Thank you very much!

Either send me a direct message with your email or post it here and I will be happy to assign a ticket :grinning:

@stopa @moazadel Please do the same



Thanks rhianlewis!

My e-mail here:

I’ve just assigned the ticket, so you should get an email. Enjoy :grinning:

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Hi Rhian - if you have one left, then I can happily use it thank you!

Hi Rhian!

Got it here!

Thank you very mych!

If anyone has a tkt for testbash home , would like to have one.I wont be able to purchase .
Thanks in advance

I am so sorry - my tickets are assigned now to the first people who asked. Hopefully someone else will offer tickets!

Three more tickets have been donated by a Discussion Speaker.
@mumseye and @senekka are you still looking for a ticket?

If so, Dm or send me your MoT account email address.

If anyone else is looking please reply/DM me.

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@friendlytester I’d like to receive a ticket, send me to my email please - . Many thanks!

Hi Richard ,
Thanks for the reply. my email address is
extremely grateful

Done! You should receive some emails in the coming days regarding the event

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Hello Pedro, I don’t see an MoT account with that email address. Can I assign it to this email address?

@friendlytester you can assign it to, it should works as well. Thanks!

All Done Pedro. See you at the conference

Yes, still need. It’s


Fantastic. I’ve registered you. You should receive some emails in the coming days.

I just heard there was an impending TestBash and I would like to attend. But sadly, I can’t afford a ticket. Are there any tickets still available?