Can't afford a ticket? We're here to help!

If you really want to attend TestBash Home but can’t afford it at the moment, there are several of us in the community willing to help out! It looks like we’ve got 5 tickets so far we’re able to sponsor
Danny Dainton tweeted that he’d sponsor 2 tickets:
I replied that I’d do the same - 2 more tickets:
And Gem Hill replied she’d add another ticket:

You can message me or any of them on here or Twitter if you’re in need, or reach out to one of the MoT folks to get in touch with us.
Anyone else willing to sponsor tickets, you can comment below :smiley:

EDIT - PLEASE READ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
This thread is crazy awesome! But it’s a bit confusing as to who has what tickets available etc. So please

  • if you want to attend TestBash Home but cannot afford the ticket, email me at I am currently out of tickets to give away! If sponsors come forward to me, I’ll let you know. Otherwise I suggest following the #Testbash twitter hashtag to watch for ticket giveaways from folks!
  • if you are willing to sponsor some tickets, also email me and I can coordinate!

Drop me a message if I can help you out!

It’s going to be an awesome event and I would hate for anyone to miss out!!

If you can’t reach me on Twitter, you can get me on here, Slack, LinkedIn etc :smile:


Hi Daniel
I wonder if I can apply a ticket, I am a newly tester, but keen this testbash

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Of course @rushlinn, if you private message me your email address, I can arrange all that. :grin:

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HI, Can I please apply for a ticket. I really wanted to attend.

Send me a private message with your email address and I’ll get you set up @raquelsusana


Can you please tell me the location of TestBash Home meetup

Hi Ravi, are you looking to find out about TestBash Home? You can read about it here:

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Please let me know if there is still a ticket available. I would like to attend.

Julia Shonka

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You’re all set, Julia!


I have 2 folks for the tickets now, looks like others are getting to attend too. Love this!! :heart:


Thank you so much!!!

hi, if there any ticket left available I’d like to ask for it. best, Masha

I might have missed the bus here, but I’m a furloughed tester who’d love the opportunity if there are still tickets available?

I have 9 remaining tickets. Message me here if you want one. I’ll check back periodically to see whose got in touch.


Definitely would be up for that Dan!

I have budget set aside for 2 people! Please comment or DM :smiley:


Hi Jenna
May I please request a ticket for MOT ? I am one of the affected one from COVID-19. If you can’t I completly undersatand it so don’t feel presurised at all.
Many Thanks

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I’ve got you! Send me an email at with your name and contact info and I’ll get your ticket purchased today.


Hi - I was furloughed and my husband had to take a 20% cut in pay. Both my daughters lost their jobs due to to the virus if there is a ticket left for the online bash at the end of the month please consider me. I would like to stay up to date. Thank you.