Can we get more growth in automation

We heard that there is huge growth in automation. Is it true?

Hello Ashok!

I see some growth and more shift.

As we move towards using cloud-based vendors, there is growth in using automation to explore, inspect, and validate data migration from on-site to the cloud vendor. That testing is shifted left to detect errors at the time of construction or during a build.


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Where did we hear that?

How are we defining growth?

You may want to have a look at this report (page 26 onwards):
From my personal experience, I see many organizations more and more adopting automation (many still donโ€™t have automation at all).

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Automation testing is a lethal weapon these days for software tester because if we need to excel in the field or need more growth, then testers must be aware of new automation tools and modern techniques that are being used in the top software testing companies.

There are few tricks by which you can enhance your skill set in automation world is like that testers having knowledge of programming skills which help them to communicate better with the developers and participate in unit testing.

Working on different projects/tools and technologies also helps you to groom the skill level in automation world. For example, If you are working on any of the project in which application code is written in Ruby, then being the experienced testing engineers it is an advantage for them to have Ruby experience on their resume.

This is very clear that if we have worked on different automation frameworks and have knowledge about different programming languages ( Java, C/C++, Ruby, Python, Perl), we would be more marketable as a tester. There are few other ways as well to grow more in automation world is to join webinars, watch knowledge sessions about different tools and technologies and different events related to automation testing.

Hope this information is helpful for you!

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