Can you caption this testing meme?

So @dkotschessa shared this image on Slack asking for help captioning it and the results were too good not to share!

On Slack, we got

“Scope creep”

“No one will notice.”

“ah I wouldn’t call them bugs, more annoyances”

“I don’t know, it was just fine on local. Must be a config issue.”

“What is accessibility?”

“testing tech debt”

“What do you think the size of this story should be?”

“Anyone have any blockers to report?”

We also had some great replies on Twitter!

How would you caption this?


Can’t think of something interesting testing related…

I could compare this to:

  • deploying an app. on amazon servers, they get hacked and your data is destroyed/stolen;
  • creating “temporary” workarounds for a big known bug;
  • building more features instead of fixing bugs;
  • automation checks framework/scripts flakiness;

@heather_reid Here you go - “Caution Testing is in Progress” :grinning:

Tester’s Rock
Many say that after making a pilgrimage to this hallowed place, they become one with products, create extraordinary test cases, and experience empathetic visions of quality with their stakeholders.

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“Don’t worry - just build a bridge or fly over it and then it’s behind you, who would notice?”