Can you help me with my testing research project?

actually wanna take your advice. I have to do research project in testing.
i have 2 topics eye tracking (usability testing) and A/B testing.
so what will be more in trend and what needs what and which will be more beneficial?

Hi Aatisha,

Both usability and A/B testing comes under non functional testing.

Generally usability is preferred and prioritized to satisfy customer expectations.

Below are the few tools which can be used for usability testing:
Crazy Egg
User Testing

A/B testing is done to check application performance and prevent bounce back rate.

thanks a lot. But as a fresher which is good for me to select

Usability is easy and good to start with.

thanks a lot for your reply

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My project has been changed. Now i have to do testing of any website that is latest. i have to do manual and automation testing both. Can you please suggest me any website that is current. website should be active in Newzealand.

thank you

Hi Aatisha,

There’s a great thread here on The Club “Products and sites to practice testing on” which offers a lot of options to practice your testing on and all should be available in New Zealand.

Thank you for the help.
I have one more query as i said it is an academic testing research project. So, can you guide me that what would be the research questions for testing a website.

Thank you

Hi Aatisha,

How much experience do you have in testing at the moment?

I’d suggest something like the free Software Testing Essentials to give you an introduction to testing. That would then help you think about what questions you could ask when testing a website both now and in the future :slight_smile:

i dont have any experience

That’s okay :slight_smile:

I would then strongly urge you to take the free course I mentioned above. We could give you questions to ask but you’ll get a much better understanding of testing if you start by learning about it and then think about asking questions about how to test.

I want to test a dynamic website. So what would you recommend a shopping website or recruitment website??


Hi Aatisha,

That depends on your reasoning for it needing to be a dynamic website. So, why must it be a dynamic website? What goals are you trying to achieve?

Actually its a research project more than a technical project. in Newzealand its like a level 8 academic project. so i have to work on automation frameworks like keyword driven, model driven, data and behavior. so tutor asked for only dynamic website. so that’s why i am asking you that whats better test a recruitment website or shopping website? and whats the reason for choosing one of them?

Thanks & Regards

I am working on an academic research project in which I have to test any demo dynamic website and have to work on automation frameworks like keyword driven, model driven, data and behavior. So, I have to explain which is the most suitable automation framework among these to test a website through automation. Can you please help me in knowing this along with the justified explanation of which framework is the best? the website is


Hey Aatisha,

It’s great to see that you’ve chosen a website for this yourself :slight_smile:

Based on the resources shared with you already and what you’ve discovered yourself so far, what area would you like to focus on with automation? So what layer of the application would you like to invest yourself in?

sorry didn’t understand your questions. But i want to use automation tool selenium for the automation and i am thinking to use hybrid ( data and keyword driven) framework.

layer of application means?

I don’t know how much experience you have with automation but reading the above, I would assume that similar to testing, you have none. Please let me know if I am wrong with this assumption :slight_smile:

I think it would do you and your research project a lot of good to explore Club Posts To Help You Get Started With Software Testing And QA (specifically the automation related ones). Missing Layer From The Test Automation Pyramid is also an excellent thread to explore relating to the layers that automation should happen at.