Challenges and solution in learning new automation tool

What are your challenges in learning new automation tool in general and how did you overcome it



Well as a consultant, I often move to different project/clients and they all use different tech. So learning a new automation tool happens quite often. I suppose it’s learning the new program language again for me.
If I have to swap programming language every ~6-12 months … I mean it in my head of course but sometimes I forget how this is done in java or python or C#.

How to overcome? Google is my best friend at that time! :slight_smile:

If it’s really about challenges of the automation tool, sometimes the lesser known tools don’t have good tutorials or guides available and then it’s just about experimenting. So I always setup a project myself and create an exercise for myself that covers most of the aspects. (assertions, oop, data driven, reporting, … )

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In one way or another this question has been asked so many times, the general guidance of finding tutorials, and then starting a small self-guided project always wins out. It’s probably a even better idea if every company sets up a “guided learning” wiki with an example project idea that will allow a new joiner to the company to progress in a tool they adopted. I have seen Trello boards used for this guiding process as a way to formalize it and measure your tool mastery. It’s a great confidence builder for some people to have milestones or at least a roadmap to mastering a tool.

On the other hand, it’s more useful to divide up tools by their function so the new starter has a better idea of where a tool should generally be used. Some tools like the scripting languages are so multi-purpose , that it’s easy to get distracted, hence the need for teams to guide new joiners. Talking to your team is key to making sure you are learning with the right “outcomes” in mind. There will always be many tools.


Are you learning any tool at the moment? If yes, then which tool and what are the problems you are facing?