Chrome Dev Tools Challenge

(Viv) #1

Evening all,

I’ve been working on a little side project which I hope will help testers become more familiar with Chrome DevTools. It’s very early days and I’ve only spent about 4-5 hours on the project so far but would love any feedback?!



(Tony) #2

Hi Viv,
I thought it was cool, I liked it and think it could be very useful for people wanting to learn more about and how to use the dev tools.
Especially for people who aren’t sure where and how to start.
What are your next steps?


(Viv) #3

Thanks Tony.

I plan to add a lot more challenges for dev tools and either create a video, blog posts and/ or potentially talk around the subject using the site to demonstrate what I discuss.

Also thought about other non dev tool type exercises, boundary checks, owasp , accessibility etc.

Watch this space I guess :slight_smile:

(gordon crawford) #4

Hi Viv, these are some good challenges to get people going with using Dev tools.
Couple of things that could be useful are the ability to go to the different challenges directly and possibly some kind of hints mechanism if people get stuck.
Will definitely keep an eye out to see where you go with it.

(Viv) #5

Morning, thanks for the feedback Gordon. Hints has also been mentioned to me by others so I’ll look to add these as well as the ability to go to the challenges directly. Thanks for trying it.

(Juan) #6

Hi Viv!
I´ll give it a try!
Thank you!

(Fran) #7

Hi Viv! I tried it, and I like how it guides you through different areas of DevTools. Thanks!