Club loading screen takes "forever" to load

So I’ve been browsing a lot lately on these forums and I often see this:
It takes quite a while to load, pretty sure it’s not my internet :smiley:

Does anyone else get these?


Have you tried;

  • Doing the same in an incognito tab (this means none of your extensions will be active)
  • Checking the network tab in Chrome tools, to see if you’re getting any error codes

I don’t really have extentions besides Adblock, and I haven’t tried it incognito yet, will do and see what gives.

Good call for the console, I often get 429’s from the MoT Forum. Apparently when I tried to upload the first screenshot below I even get 429 errors


So apparently this is an error that I get on the timings request:

Yet I like to think that I’m just browsing and acting like a regular user XD I’m not using any kind of tools or doing something special.


I’m not getting that issue, so it could be a local issue, to your machine.

I’d probably see if its this browser in particular next. Try in another browser.


Thanks for sharing, @kristof.

I’m yet to experience what you’ve described and will be sure to keep an eye out for it. :eyes:

And I welcome folks sharing similar experiences on this thread if they also experience it.

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