The New Club Layout: What do you think?

@friendlytester and I have been working hard over the past 2 months to change the layout of The Club to make it easier for you to do lots of things!

  • See a cleaner view of the Latest Page
  • See the profile pictures of the people contributing here in a larger view on the Latest Page
  • MoTifying the Categories Page
  • Making the category descriptions clearer
  • Setting up templates for each category so it’s easier to create a new post

We talked to as many of you as we could to make the decisions about the changes we made. Now we want to hear from you all again :grin: What do you think of the changes here on The Club?


Good job :smiley: ! Congrats on the new layout

This one is great with good visuals :slight_smile:

I also liked it when “someone is typing” not sure may be it’s an old feature but I saw it only today

I noticed too much green on the “welcome to the Club section” let’s see if the eyes get adapted to it easily :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback Emna :grin:

Do you mean the padding around the message or something else?

you are very welcome !
I mean the one in top
“Welcome to The Club
Ask questions, share feedback, and connect with the Ministry of Testing Community.”

I like it a lot. Feels more intuitive to me.
It also renders great with Chrome’s forced dark mode :sunglasses:


Oh interesting! We did explore allowing users to toggle between light and dark modes but it requires duplicating all of the theme code and then checking the contrasts etc. So if we need to make any changes, we’ve to do them in 2 places which felt like a pretty high risk to do before releasing to see what people think.


Can imagine that it must be a lot of work yes. I’m a heavy user of Stylish for years now, but noticed I can gradually disable style overrides as more sites offer a dark mode.

Then recently I came across chrome://flags/ which let you play with lots of experimental settings. One of them is forcing dark mode. It’s doing a decent job for me

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It looks clean and neat.

I just think the green banner header is a little too big, that’s it.


We’ve updated the padding on the green banner now. What do you think?

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I got to admit, it’s real NOICE! :heart_eyes:

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much better :wink:
Good job @heather_reid and all the team !

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As a long time fan of green as a calming default colour, I for one welcome our new MOT colour-conscious overlords.

Yes, did notice the “experimental” feeling layout changes, which was great to see a fresh styling and have it working well for me as a user. I love it.

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possible known bug?

I was looking for recent posts by James Bach I think it was on here, so i go into the user page and type “James”, and curiously the filter still shows my acct in the list, which is probably fine, but the “stats” for all the people in the filter list are blank. All zero, when in fact their stats are in fact non-zero.

Anyway I was looking for a recent post by Michael (or James , I’m confused now) all about how testers decide if something is a bug or not than included the heuristic of “world”. It was an article or thread about deciding on who cared about a bug, but was interested in finding his “list” of bug heuristics, which was a list built around an acronym.

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Their stats are all 0 because you’re also filtering on the top left by “Week May 15 - May 21” so if you change that to “All Time” or “Year May 25, 2020 - May 25, 2021” you should see the stats be non 0. Does that work?

I think the reason it shows your account in the list is so that you can compare your stats to the user you’re searching for but I’ll root around more to confirm that.


I’m a big fan of the new layout, it feels less like the generic discourse platform, and I love the new banner!


You sir, are a hero :smiley:
Force-dark-mode <3 loveling it already


I especially like the break from “generic”, it facilitates that mental “hat-swap” for me to visit the MOT.