Which layout do you prefer for the categories?

I’m changing up the appearance of the categories here on The Club and I’d love to know which of these images you prefer for breaking up the categories as you scroll. I think the images provide a nice natural break in a wall of text so it’s easy to see where the next category starts. I’m keen to understand which of the layouts you all prefer for this initiative.

Poll below :wink:


A longer rectangular image, like a banner almost :thinking:

Appearance on desktop

Appearance on mobile

Square (ish)

Appearance on desktop

Appearance on mobile

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Which of the images do you like for breaking up the categories?

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • No images

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From your screenshots, I don’t understand the difference between the 2 layouts that you are looking for folks to vote on.

Hi Christian,

I’m basically asking if you prefer the 99-minute workshop image (long rectangle) or the 30 Days of Testing image (the square ish image).

I gave screenshots of both desktop and mobile as they appear slightly differently on both.

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I’d prefer the rectangular/banner style if the description could be wrapped below, rather than shoved to the side.

I’ve been playing around with that quite a bit and can’t seem to get it to wrap properly. Maybe just my rusty HTML/CSS :see_no_evil: