Club Posts To Help You Get Started With Software Testing And QA

A post today in the Introductions category reminded me of the wealth of posts we have here on the Club for getting started with various areas of Software Testing/Quality Assurance/QA.

I’ve decided to collate the links to those here for all the new joiners looking for tips on how to get started in various areas of software testing.

Software Testing in General: Getting started in Software Testing

Docker: Getting started with Docker?

APIs: Getting started with testing APIs

Starting on a Project: Getting Started on a Project

Mutation Testing: Mutation Testing: Getting Started And Tools To Use

Security Testing: How to get started in Security Testing?

Cross Browser Testing: Cross Browser Testing: Getting Started

Mocha: Getting started with Mocha

Automation resources and language choices: Resources for Test Automation and How do you choose a programming language for software testing automation?

Accessibility Testing: Accessibility Testing Resources Needed

Mobile Testing: Getting started with mobile testing?

Sketch noting: Sketch Noting: Getting Started

BDD: Getting Started with BDD

We’ll update this as new getting started posts are added to the Club. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the above posts. The nature of the industry we are in means things will always be changing so new advice will always pop up :slight_smile:


Got to know a new type Mutation testing because of this. Thanks for sharing Heather!!


That’s great to hear! Thank you for the feedback @harika :grin:

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This is great, Heather. I’ll have a look through these.


Can we also get some kind of tests which indicate if we have the aptitude to be a good or exceptional tester ? (motivation for this question is here Reasons to leave the testing or QA career)

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You could create a new post to ask exactly that :wink:

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This is great! I’m a new hire for a company and a new QA Engineer so these resources will be invaluable. I was seriously wondering where to start :flushed:


Excellent @stephennb! Be sure to check out the Essentials category here on The Club too, a great place to get you started :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will :blush:


Thanks, this post covered a lot of topic.


Some folk looking for a beta tester Where can I get Beta-Testers for a Chrome Browser PlugIn (price optimization for Amazon shopping carts)? , it’s up to you if you think it’s safe to do so as always.

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Thanks Conrad… We comply to German Data Protection and Privacy laws fyi.

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Hey Thank you so much for sharing.


Hi Heather thank you so much for posting the information. I have been looking into changing direction into testing / QA and had no idea were to start and was directed here by a friend.

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