Company Accessibility Guidelines

I’m currently in the process of writing accessibility guidelines for my company (a lengthy project, but one about which our head of UX and I are enthused). Has anybody else here done this? Does anyone have an example of something they’ve written that could be shared? I’ll probably be sharing mine once done.

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I used worked with the head of standards and guidelines at the BBC, a long long time ago. I suspect these have changed quite a bit since I was there but should be kept up to date.

Saying that I just noticed the date at the bottom of the page which appears not to have been changed in a while.

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Thank you. I’ll have a read.

Also check out or better still, employ them! They are an NFP and some of the best testers you’ll ever meet.

I worked with them in a previous role and it was eye-opening, and at times, deeply moving to hear their stories and see what services they offered.