Crash reports not being received by dev (iPhone)

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Just signed up for the new forums. We are currently experiencing an issue whereby crash reports are not being sent/received by dev on iPhone, Android is working like a charm (obviously). Has anyone experienced such issues/know a resolution?


How do you report crashes to your developer? Do you use any build distribution tools which automatically send crash reports to developer account? or Do you use any tools to get crash reports?


Thanks for the reply Vijay!

I’ve just got back from holiday so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. On Android we currently just use the crash reporting and statistics built into the platform for free. We hoped to do the same for iPhone and have done everything on the phone itself that is stated to be required in order for crash reports to be sent to dev. Our android crashes are collated and presented within the Google Developer Console and we expected the same thing to happen in the iTunes Connect App Analytics section. We even built a function into the app to force it to crash yet our crash amount still sits at zero. Currently we can only manually email the dense text crash reports out from the iPhone which is of no use really (they are not very useful either - so I believe not the right thing). We have just found something about enabling symbols within our app that we are investigating. Also a lot of the forum posts I read refer to using Xcode to set up the crash reporting but we don’t use that directly, we currently use Xamarin on the PC. We are using no third party crash reporting tools currently but we may do so if it’s easier. We just want to get the crashes being registered in the iTunes Connect App Analytics section in as much relevant detail as possible.

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You can see only number of crashes in iTunes connect. You need to go to Xcode Organizer to view crash reports. Apple had integrated available apps (TestFlight / App store apps) crash reports in Xcode Organizer.

Open Window -> Organizer. The top of the new window that appears has two tabs, Archives and Crashes.

Crash Reports appears in Xcode Organizer only if iTunes Connect has number of crash available for this version of the app.