Cypress integration with Grafana / Prometheus, is this possible?

Hello MOT Friends!

So recently i have done a proof of concept on Cypress for my company, now giving my background of Selenium i got to admit i wasn’t expecting much, pleasantly surprised for our needs (a small QA team so seems ideal so far).

I have tasked with seeing if it is possible to integrate cypres into Grafana / Prometheus, does anyone have any useful feedback on progress with integrating the two systems together? Is it viable? What is the technical costs in integration ?

ANY help would be really appreciated in this realm, even a “look here” would be amazing.

Thank You


It does look like it’s doable:

I think you are thinking in a good direction here, integrating your e2e tests with monitoring and reporting can help improve the observability considerably - which is very important in contemporary testing.

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Thank you so much for these links, its appreciated. I better get learning, and fast! :smile:

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