🤖 Day 1: Introduce yourself and your interest in AI

Let’s go! :rocket: Welcome to the first day of 30 Days of AI in Testing! I’m excited to kick off this journey as we explore the potential of AI in testing together.

Day 1 Task:

For today’s task, we invite you to introduce yourself to the community and share your interest in AI. This is an opportunity to express your curiosities, aspirations, and any goals you hope to achieve throughout this month-long challenge.

Here are some prompts to help guide you:

  • Introduce yourself: Tell us about your background, your role in testing or tech and how you found this community.
  • Your Interest in AI: What initially piqued your interest in AI in testing? Are there any particular areas of AI in testing that you’re eager to learn more about?
  • Your Goals: What do you aim to learn or achieve in this challenge?

How to Take Part

  1. Reply to this topic with your introduction, interests and any goals you may have.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, comment or :heart: on others’ posts. Building connections and a supportive community is part of making the most of this 30 Days of Testing.

Why Take Part

  • Kickstart Your AI Journey: By identifying goals, you’re taking the first step towards deepening your understanding of AI in testing and getting the motivation you need to keep learning.
  • Build Connections: Introduce yourself and start networking with others who share your interest in AI.
  • Gain Insights: Learn from the diverse perspectives within the community. Discovering the different paths others are taking in AI in testing, sparking ideas for your own journey.

:rocket: Level up your learning experience. Go Pro!


Hi Rosie,

My name is Aparna, and I currently hold a position as a Software Tester at a small start-up company. With two years of experience in this role, I actively engage with the Ministry of Testing (MOT) community to stay updated on the latest testing methodologies, learning resources, and industry trends. I regularly participate in weekly testing meetings, where I contribute insights and gather knowledge from my peers.

My enthusiasm for enhancing my skills and staying abreast of emerging technologies, particularly the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in testing, has led me to express my interest in joining the “30 Days of AI in Testing” task. I believe this initiative will not only contribute to my professional development but also enable me to leverage AI-driven approaches effectively in my daily testing endeavours.

Best regards,


Hello Rosie,

My name is Aline, I am currently a QA engineer working remotely as a sole member of the QA team at a small company. I have 10 years of experience in the area, starting from manual testing, passing through automation a lot of different technologies, currently I work with cypress.
As I work mostly alone testing the systems I need all the tools I can get to make myself more productive, and that is my main interest in AIs, our company also wants to integrate AI into the system, but I want to use it more to improve my day and my work.

Best regards,


Adam here,
This is my first interaction with MOT, and I am currently finding my testing feet. I work alongside a small but great growing group of Test Analysts and when I saw this post of 30days of AI, it intrigued me, I’m interested to learn and find out more about this growing space in the testing world.


Hi, I am Dima!
I work in test Automation. And I am looking to use AI to help me with some everyday tasks.


Gday Rosie,
My name is Aaron and I operate as a Lead Engineer - Quality in a software house. I’ve followed this community for a while and am using this as a way of seeing if I should get involved further :slight_smile:
We’re starting to look at tools that provide AI during coding and I’m interested in making sure those tools are behaving appropriately, aka good assertions and ways of providing correct prompt engineering approaches.
I’m keen to see multiple approaches to using these tools, what works, what doesn’t, what opportunities/risks are present!


Helloo everyone, Nuwangi Here ,

I am working as lead Engineer - QA and my company just started AI project and so exciting to join with this challenge, improve and share the experience.



Hi All,
I have over 14 years of experience in testing, I currently work as QA manager.

I have heard a lot on how testing is impacted with AI. I intend to understand different approaches in testing with AI.
I want to develop my own expertise and share the experiences I gain here with my team and fellow test managers.



Hello everyone, I am May a Quality Practice Lead in a multinational company. I read about AI and how it will impact testing future. My company invested a lot in AI for the software engineering team. The Automation teams needed to research valuable use cases from AI which can help effective and efficient testing. I hope I can get insights here as well as sharing the journey so we can understand, critically debate the rationale of the AI use cases.


Hey Rosie, Poojitha here. I am working as a Quality Engineer working with Cypress/BrowserStack to test UI on daily basis. I recently joined MoT as I am curious to connect with likely minded people on Testing Technologies.
I am quite enthused to see how AI would be useful in current ways of testing. So, excited to know more about this in the next 30 days!


Hello Rosie

I’m Ashvin, and I’m new to MOT. As a QA engineer, I am employed. I have over five years of expertise doing manual testing across a variety of platforms and domains.

AI is being utilized in a growing number of websites and applications these days. Therefore, knowing AI will be quite helpful if you’re a tester. It will therefore make testing more engaging.


Hello Rosie,

I’m Joyz, a QA engineer in a small QA team. I’m just a lazy person who love cats and fun events.

I used to do manual exploratory test in agile projects, and had some hard times with webdrivers when working with Appium a few years ago so I didn’t touch much about mobile automation. I do more management tasks now, but am interested to know the latest popular tech, tools and trends, and see if anything can help save me more time to pet my cat.

Recently I’m trying out an automation tool called Katalon, and seeing that they are developing something like AI-powered test cases or self-healing test cases, which brings me more interest to how we can use AI in daily testing, apart from generating test cases from ChatGPT.

Another reason is that my company is developing an AI-powered document extractor, and it is also a very new lesson for me to learn how to test AI proudcts themselves, as traditional ways of testing cannot cover the aspects like result accuracy, data structure, types of model, etc., and more importantly I need to learn the AI concepts to understand how the product works before being able to test it.

Thank you for hosting the activity. It is my first time joining a 30 days challenge like this. It is a comfortable and open environment here where I am happy to meet and discuss with all of you.


Hi, it’s Valeriia from Estonia!

With over 13 years of experience in IT, including 10 years specializing in Quality Assurance and Data Analysis, my journey has taken me from manual testing to automation and leadership roles. Currently, I lead the quality department and represent quality within our organization.

I’m excited to participate in this challenge because we’re exploring AI-driven test generation solutions, which aligns with our ongoing initiatives. This challenge presents a valuable opportunity to learn from diverse use cases and gain insights that can inform our approach in this evolving field.



Hello Rosie!

I’m Conny, have worked with testing over 20 years in many different roles from tester to test strategiest and manager for tester.
Right now the role is around test data.
My interest in this is to get more understanding and get a bit deeper into AI and what impact that will bring.
Both in the role as tester but also on a strategi level.

Looking forward to have the interaction with all that share the same interest.


Heya Rosie,

My name’s Anne-Marie. I’ve been in the quality space for eons. I’m currently DX for test and automation tooling at Telstra, Australias BT! Big time fan of Ministry of Testing and its previous Software Testing Club.

I"m going to do my best with the 30 days of AI. I hope to see some other Aussies around too! Our timezone is a little different, so I might stretch the truth a bit about what the definition of ‘day’ is :joy:


Love this exciting concept of 30 Days of AI in Testing. I am Geosley Andrades, Product evangelist at ACCELQ. I have been in the Testing space for 15+ years now. As a tester, my interest in AI sparked with the onset of ChatGPT. Ever since then, I have not looked back. Constantly learning more about the same as I belive I have lot to catch up. My Goal is to learn as much as I can through this program, apply my learning and experiences and share it back with the testing community.


Hello Rosie,
My name is Brian and have been in the software testing “industry” for for almost 26 years. I have worked for a number of different companies and various delivery methods ( some great others not!) Almost all of my testing has been on the exploratory manual, recently though I have been trying to improve my technical skills by learning Python ( still at the beginner’s stage for many reasons!)

I find the idea AI testing fascinating. It is not just about making sure the code is not throwing errors because the user clicked the send button twice. It is also about testing the very idea of supplying a user with good information vrs bad information. I have a friend who did one of the first AI degrees back in 1990’s and said to me you can make any programme look like its “Artificial Clever” but it will never have wisdom" or words to that effect!

My goal is to learn as much as possible about design, and implementation of an AI tool. The technical stuff, the moral stuff all of which I can then take back to my day time job. Looking forward to meeting and interacting with everyone here!


Hi everyone, I’m Adrian and I’ve been a software tester for around 7 years and I am also the only tester in my company. Test maintenance can take up a lot of my time so I’m interested in seeing if AI can help ease that burden and I’m interested in its potential capabilities in data generation.


Hello Rosie,
I have used Chat GPT to help me with test automation and I am interested in learning more about AI.


Hi, I’m Pi. I am currently working as a QA consultant for a consulting organization. I have been in this role for over 10 years. This is my first time participating in the MoT community and the 30 Days of Testing Challenge.

Personally, I am curious about what AI is capable of in terms of software testing and how it may help me with my QA work.
I would also like to develop my expertise of ML/AI testing.

Looking forward to learning more from this 30-day journey with all of us :smiley: