🤖 Day 31 Bonus: Visualise the future of AI in testing

Surprise! :ghost: Welcome to the bonus task, a fun and cherished tradition in all our 30 Days of Testing challenges. Today, we move beyond the written word to visually capture what the future of AI in Testing might hold.

Today’s Task

Use an AI image generation tool to create a unique image that captures your prediction of what the future of AI in testing will look like.

Task Steps

  1. Select an AI Image Generation Tool: Choose a tool like DALL-E, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion that you’d like to experiment with for this task.
  2. Brainstorm Concepts: Reflect on your journey through this challenge and the insights you’ve gained about AI’s capabilities in testing. What exciting possibilities do you foresee for AI’s role in testing in the years to come? Jot down keywords, phrases, or descriptive concepts that encapsulate your vision.
  3. Generate Your Image: Using the tool of your choice, craft a prompt or a series of prompts to generate an image that represents your envisioned future of AI in testing. You may need to refine your prompts to achieve the desired result.
  4. Share Your Vision: Reply to this post with your generated image and a brief description explaining the concepts and ideas it represents. How does this image capture your predictions about the future intersection of AI and software testing?
  5. Bonus Step: Register for The Testing Planet. If you’ve enjoyed this 30 Days of AI in Testing Challenge, you’ll love this episode of The Testing Planet (TTP), Ministry of Testing’s free monthly virtual community gathering. Episode Two: The Machine" is happening on Thursday, April 25th, 2024 from 14:00 - 19:00 BST. This episode will focus specifically on the topic of AI.
    • Think about how far you’ve come during this 30 day challenge. Why not share what you have learnt by submitting your final reflections and takeaways for “Episode Two: The Machine” of TTP’s through the TTP Call for Contribution?

Why Take Part

  • Exercise Your Creativity: This task allows you to use your imagination and explore what AI might achieve in the testing domain.
  • Celebrate Your Journey: This bonus task is a fitting finale to our challenge, celebrating the curiosity, learning, and imaginative thinking that have guided you through the past 30 days.

:diving_mask: Dive deeper into these topics and more - Go Pro!


Hi my fellow testers, what a nice surprise to have a bonus day.

This challenge was particularly interesting as I was finding that no matter what AI image generator I tried to use that it would regularly output nonsense and it took a lot of prompting to get any vaguely relevant to my prompting.

I was asking it to generate an image of an AI testing tool that was in a chat interface on both a computer screen and a mobile phone. I am very biased by the AI tools and their interfaces that are around us now so find it hard to imagine how their interfaces might change in the future.

The best I could come up with so far was this image


Hello Folks!

Nice to see this surprise day today.

Here is my visualized “Testing Assistant”. AI screws up words in the image. Maybe, I should be redoing it in Canva sometime.



Interesting bonus task! Thank you again for hosting the event.

I choose the ai-comic-factory on huggingface as the generation tool, as I want to try to make it comic about an AI Tester in the future.

I love comics. 30 years ago there was one - “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” Today, the question may have changed a bit, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog or an AI or a quantum cat.”


With Bing Copilot, I generated a story based on this thought, and then further asked it to extract the keywords from this story, and added some of my own words.

Testing, AI, immersive experience, testers, scenarios, exploratory testing, applications, alternate realities, ai dog, bark in binary, on the internet, nobody knows you are a dog or ai or quantum cat

The Comic:
Then I dropped the keywords to the comic generation tool:

The comic is actually nothing about testing, but it does make sense LOL with the last line having double meaning on the word “breakthrough”, referring to both the improvement of AI tech, and also the connections between AI enthusiasts.

It is actually harder nowadays to evaluate software or even things on the Internet, as we can’t even know if it is AI-generated content at the first place. This could be a new problem to solve as testers.

And the online identity crisis and security concerns we had since 30 years ago, have actually gone even futher with the growth of AI.

But on top of everything, it is simply an excitement to see all the “breakthroughs” as one in the software field.


This is brilliant. I loved the concept and your imagination. No wonder that is why they people who think well test well.

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