Detection problem : Web APP testing using selenium with java on chrome

im trying to test a web app (not public one) related to a company, using selenium with java, the problem is with the sign in page:
I’ve tried every thing to mimic a human behavior such as using action class to type the user name and PW letter by letter with a mills between them > yet when we get to click the sign in button, an alert pops us " prohibit use on the console!",
I’ve tried to accept it : but it preventing me from login and redirect me to the main page.
I’ve tried to dismiss it: but again the problem still exist .
I’ve tried all arguments and options to be under radar but some how the system know that its a automation script

any ideas ?!


Hi @mohammedreda
Is this a test situation or a RPA (Rapid process automation) use case?
What version of webdriver are you using (see the selenium server logs) and which web browser? I assume you are not using JS to inject the input into the field, but are in fact using the webdriver to do it.
Just an observation here, but when a web app tries to use JS detection injection, then usually it’s a security posture problem, since the browser must always be assumed to be under threat and the bulk of app security wants to happen server side?


Dear Braam,

thanks for ur time, and effort. may i DM you for more details >?

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