Difference b/w test plan & test strategy?

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Could you please clarify me what is the major diff b/w test plan & test strategy ??

Who will prepare test plan & test strategy document?


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In practice, I use the test strategy to describe what the team will test for in a product. I include an overview of the product and information objectives.
If I write a test plan, I use it to describe how I will implement the test strategy. I include testing methods, use of automation for testing or data generation, how results are reported, and possibly estimates.

As a Test Lead, I have prepared both documents. The documents are one or two pages because I’m rarely convinced that anyone will read them. If I get questions, I consider that a victory and an opportunity to engage the project team on a more personal basis.


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I made the same question in my team a few months ago and the responses were a little different from everyone, but we decided some things in common.

Overall, the documentation is the test manager’s task. Both documents can be brief, or large enough to bore anyone (and no one will read it anyway…), even some companies don’t create any documentation.

For us the test plan was more like an specification of how all the testing was going to be done in the project (schedule, planning, design, execution, etc…including the strategy), and the test strategy was more about the testing policies, point of view, decisions about techniques and design of the testing more for the specific product than general like a plan.

Don’t know if it helped.


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Strategy = path, more abstract, a whole vision, road map explaining what are our strategic priorities to attain the vision and mission of testing.
Plan = allocates in detail resources that are necessary to accomplish the strategy, what is to be achieved, how and when to be achieved, how to be monitored including the performance indicators. It defines a path to be followed in order to achieve stipulated goals.


Test plan:A test plan derived from software requirement specification describing in detail the scope of testing and the different activities perform in the testing. A test plan is specific to particular project.

Test strategy:A test strategy is the high level document describing the way testing is carried out. A strategy normally for a complete organization. Although it can be specified for a particular project as well

Hello there,
Here is a good article discussing a difference between test strategy and STP.
Also we use this template to write the test strategy.

As for your question of who prepares the document - we have a PM who fills it during the meeting with the relevant customer(s)