What should we mention in Automation Test Strategy document

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I’m presently working in the automation department, where I need to prepare test strategy documents. However, I’ve never done so before, so I’m unsure of what to include.

Background of the project: We need to build a test strategy document for a new UI and functional implementation for e-commerce industry (Revamp of Basket page and checkout Page)

The POM-MSTest c# framework is available.

I have read various articles where sample templates for strategy documents were obtained, however I am at a loss for words for an ecommerce domain project.

Sample Link


Can somebody assist me with this?


Doesn’t a strategy document usually detail the top-level tasks that are required to implement the testing policy, with test plans underneath giving the concrete detail of what will be done to implement that strategy? A kind of “why → what → how” chain.

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You mean Plan? This sounds like a “plan”, a document laying out what the outcomes should look like. I found it’s so much easier when you separate strategy from plan. Plan is about timescale and resource estimates and sourcing the basics. Strategy is how it’s going to run in the short term, and subject to change, strategy must change or else you are doomed to follow it. At that point it becomes inanimate.

So yeah, start by separating the two ideas and not discussing them alongside each other in a inanimate document if at all possible.


Hi @priyankas welcome to the Club,

I understand you are doing test automation for a new UI with updated functions for the Basket page and checkout pages.

To me, a strategy is more about the end purpose (WHY), than the steps (HOW and WHAT) as also mentioned above. Perhaps you want maintainable test automation, and the page object model (POM), that you mention, could be how to organize it. Perhaps you want to optimize your delivery pipeline, then visualizing and working on that could be helpful. Perhaps you to address your role as a test automation team, what are your “API” to the other teams.

Often test strategy documents are more of a document listing the specifics: environments, roles, and tools (as in the Leapwork checklist) - but a better approach could be a form where you address the decision makers. See:

Hope this inspires you


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Many thanks, @jesper - I find it really helpful