Do people generate BDD / Gherkin tests from MBT?

I got into MBT as a way to generate the different BDD test scenarios, and now realise that MBT seems to bypass BDD completely, and run the tests directly.
Is it common to just use MBT to generate the Gherkin BDD scripts, or is that a dumb idea?

Thank you!

I don’t use Model Based Testing or BDD for Behaviour Driven Development or BDD.

It is a refreshing idea.

Let me rephrase your idea.
You make a model of the system using different states. For a calculator you can make states like off and addition. If you want make an addition, then you go from the Off state to the Addition state. Of course you can make different additions, so the Addtion state has a state transition to it self.

Now it is time to make the link with the Given When Then of BDD.
β€œGiven” is used to describe the state. β€œWhen” describes a user action like switching on the calculator. β€œThen” describes what the calculator will show in the display.

Now I explore your idea.
Using MBT there are only two state transistions to be tested in my example:

  • Off state to Addition state
  • Addition state to Addition state
    In this case I would have a 100% coverage with only two tests.

If I make an addition of two numbers, which the calculator can not handle, then an Error will be shown in the display.
So I have to change my model to

  • Off state to Addition state
  • Addition state to Addition state
  • Addition state to Error state
    This is nice way to extend the model.

In the past I saw problems with negative numbers. So I want to add another Addition state to Addition state transition. How does the calculator handle β€œ-3 + 4 =”?

I have two tests:

  • 4 + 1 = 5
  • -3 + 4 = 1

My question is: how do you handle this in your approach?