Model Based testing- How to ensure quality?

Hi all,
My company is working on creating model based testing using Matlab. My task is to identify a test-strategy to keep things in place and go smooth. I look for your advice in what kind of things do I have to consider in this type of test-environment?
For now, my thinking is

  • A place to clearly show different test-versions of designs (like a repo)

  • A design linked with the requirement

Any input is welcome. Thank you!


Depends how far you are willing to go with Model Based Testing.

You can:

  • Create test scenario’s
  • Created automated BDD scenario’s
  • Add Machine Learning & AI into it to link with your ticketing system

Things to keep in mind is who’s going to create the Models? Who’s going to learn the syntax?

You could have a look at:


The first thing that you need to do is work on test cases that can help you verify the design. Once you are done working on test cases, you can aim for automating the verification tasks. Make sure you work on verification and validation of the entire model.


We use, golang can you recommend MBT tools for golang?


I haven’t used any golang tools yet so I cannot ‘recommend’ any but have you tried: GitHub - flyingmutant/rapid: Rapid is a Go library for property-based testing that supports state machine ("stateful" or "model-based") testing and fully automatic test case minimization ("shrinking") ?


Thank you. I will have a look at it.

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