Do you have a testing manifesto? Or seen one published somewhere?

I ask, because some people like these things.

I came across this one today:

There is also the one from Growing Agile -

Any other ones out there worth sharing?


It’s interesting because we were talking about this at work last week. Mine, now I’ve thought about it is:
• Involvement as early as possible
• Challenge appropriately
• Describe behaviours with actionable insights (there’s not such thing as bugs!)
• Be multi disciplined when necessary, we are all members of a development team
• Use mnemonics and heuristics to help ensure you don’t miss things
• Don’t be afraid of trying thought techniques such as six thinking hats or personas be creative
• Be open to learning new techniques, tools and skills

A colleague mentioned their core testing values used to be “Collaboration, Knowledge and Rapid Feedback” when he was a tester.

I’ve not seen anything else described as a manifesto but I am working on my beliefs which could do a similar job.

What’s yours Rosie?


Love this! Thanks for sharing.

James Bach had a blog post on Tester Commitments that is similar:

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Besides what’s already suggested –

  • Context based thinking and experimentation over Best practices
  • Generalists over specialists
  • Growth-mindset over Fixed mindset
  • Service-oriented team players over quality gate-keepers
  • Information providers over defect loggers
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