Do you script as part of your current testing job?

Building upon some recent scripting and testing discussions, we’d love to know if you use scripting as part your your software testing job?

Bonus points for supporting commentary, tips or advice.

  • No
  • Rarely
  • Often
  • All the time
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I see no reason not to use scripts(besides missing some lateral thinking) when it’s useful and quick.
Almost always I don’t get asked to do so and I have the initiative myself.
Sometimes I ask a developer to support me.
Other times I guide them on what I need and they write it quickly.


If it takes longer then 2 minutes and it’s going to be a repeatable task.

Script it! :smiley:


Some of the considerations I make on when to apply scripting:

  • Is there a higher risk of errors when executed manually?
  • Do others need to execute same task?
  • Does it need to be executed on a regular basis?
  • Does scripting reduce execution time?
  • Is there a tangible benefit for the team when task is scripted?

If any of the above can be answered with a yes, I will try and apply scripting

For those that replied ‘all the time’ I’d be curious what kind of scripting takes all of your time.
Do you work in a team with multiple testers and you’re a tool builder?
Do you build tools/scripts for developers?
Is there maybe a mix of scripting with programming?

  • Not everyone can script,
  • Not everything is scriptable,
  • Some scripts can take way longer to build compared to repeating the task a few times.

True but that was not the question :smiley: Most of it is or at least parts of it.

I’m seeing these tasks as a quick powershell command in a pipeline or scheduled task. If I can help someone else being productive or removing a chore then I’ll do it :slight_smile:

Basically I don’t need to be scripting stuff for myself or for others. I’m not a building of a testing framework but it can go as simple as, Business that has to do a repeatable task and they complain about it and I’ll script it :person_shrugging:

An example would be to copy files from 1 location to another and they love it. It doesn’t always need to be “within the team”. I’ve even created stuff for HR, Marketing teams. (Those who cannot script)

A good example that I once did was that HR had to move text from platform A to platform B and there was no integration. So I just made a small script with a GET call to platform A, save the data. POST it to platform B. Nothing spectacular but it helps out HR :slight_smile:

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