Does social good QA Video content exist for QA?

Hi all,

I’m a QA Manager, I currently training a new young QA team with no QA experience (their 1st job in QA). I’ve been doing QA for 16 years, so I’ve learnt from doing the job as well as conducting my own self development/research.

Just wondering if there is any new good QA video content or QA content creator out there who can follow to watch and learn about QA topics? The platform doesn’t matter (Youtude, Linkedin, Vimeo, blogs) belong the content is good.

I always encourage my team to do courses as well as I will recommend them to join this community too to discuss QA topics to develop their skills and career.
Also I’m wondering if there is more social content (more formal, less dry) on QA too?

Let me know your thoughts.