Early access feedback for my website (confidentially shared)

I have my website ready for writing blog article, just no real content so far. And missing some tiny bits I want to change before the release.

I would like to have some to just watch the website and give feedback.
Therefore I do not share it yet in public, but would send it to you via DM.

Who would? Write me a message.

One thing is that the imprint is still in German.
Can someone suggest me an English imprint generator? Specifically for Data Protection & Disclaimer section about GDPR and so on.
As I have no cookies it would be quite short :slight_smile:




Specifically Iā€™m looking for a generator for the Data Protection & Disclaimer section.
All this GDPR releated stuff.

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Die sollten Standard sein. Du kannst die einfach von andere websites kopieren.

Nur so ein Vorschlag

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Nice to know you also speak German :slight_smile:

As I have no tracking and cookies I do not want to have in my disclaimer anything I do not need.
I fear of having to have things I state unnecessarily in my disclaimer.
e.g a protocol for GDPR reasons, which would be empty. But I have to had it because I have a section in my disclaimer.

I know such generators in German, not yet in English.

Thanks for your help!

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You can try and translate it from German to English.
I know in the past I did use a generator for a cookie banner which had multi language support but I do not remember which one.


Iā€™d love to have a look and provide some feedback, just DM me the link when you can!

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