Error with API testing - POST request

I am doing some API testing using testrigor and got this error when sending a POST request.My sample application is hosted in Azure.

API call to ‘’ returned HTTP code ‘400’ but expected code is ‘200’ for call api post “” with headers “Content-Type:application/json” and “Accept:application/json” and body “{"firstName":"James","lastName":"Warner","isActive":"true","gender":"1"}” and then check that http code is 200

My script is,
call api post "" with headers "Content-Type:application/json" and "Accept:application/json" and body "{\"firstName\":\"James\",\"lastName\":\"Warner\",\"isActive\":\"true\",\"gender\":\"1\"}" and then check that http code is 200

Can anyone give a sugggestion to solve this please?

HTTP 400 means there is something wrong in your request. Ideally, the API should give you more details in the response - does the response have a body? Also, is there some documentation you can refer to?

I don’t have access to the API’s documentation so I can just guess. What looks weird in your request body is that you’re sending "true" and "1" both as string datatype. I would expect true to be boolean and 1 to be an integer. So just try to leave out those quotation marks and see what will happen.


Actually, I just tried it myself from Postman and yep, it was exactly that :slight_smile:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--data-raw '{

returns HTTP 200 OK.

Also, if you’d check the response body that was returned with your HTTP 400, it will tell you exactly what was wrong:

        "$.isActive": [
            "The JSON value could not be converted to System.Boolean. Path: $.isActive | LineNumber: 3 | BytePositionInLine: 21."

(I was actually wrong about the gender field, it accepts both string and integer - nice resilience!)


@testrigor testrigor - If I remember you did a lot of testrigor posts last year. Can you help?

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I would say that it is related to your body. The json does not seem to be correctly formated but I am not an expert in testrigor. As far as I can tell other used the same and it worked


As far as I can tell other used the same and it worked

It’s not the same. Asuni is sending "true" as a string. It needs to be boolean - true. That’s why the API is unable to parse the body.


This is the documentation I referred to. [testRigor Language Support Documentation - testRigor AI-Based Automated Testing Tool]

In there , there is an example like this.

call api post "" with headers "Content-Type:application/json" and "Accept:application/json" and body "{\"name\":\"James\",\"salary\":\"123\",\"age\":\"32\"}" and get "$" and save it as "createdName"  and then check that http code is 200

That’s why I put quotation marks.I think that it’s a syntax pattern of testrigor.

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The response body I got is,

Do you have any idea of what I should do?

I’m sorry, from what tool did u send the request?

That is the exact same response body I got. I just copied out the important part for you in my previous post.

As I said, the problem is that the API is not recognising "true" as boolean because you’re sending it as a string.


It’s not a syntax pattern of testrigor, it’s a syntax pattern of a JSON. Strings have quotes, other data types don’t. Your example includes strings only.


It succeeded without quotation marks for gender and IsActive. Thank you very much for your support.

Glad it got resolved! Totally made myself a student on that platform right now hahahaa

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@restertest thank you for pinging me, this is definitely a testRigor test.

@asuni I recorded the video on where to find the API response to debug where the issue is: How to find API test response info in testRigor - YouTube

You can expand the test case, click on “More details” and then “Show extra info” to see the full response data.

StackOverflow is a good place to ask these questions and we are monitoring it constantly.