Execute script in 2 different systems


I have a requirement.

E.g.: Step1: Login User in Chrome-System1
Step2: Login User in Chrome-System2

So, I will have one script and once I trigger the step1 need to be executed in System1 Chrome Browser** and step2 need to be executed on System2 Chrome browser.Is there any tool which supports this kind of requirement?



You can use Selenium Grid.

Register the browsers of the two systems to the grid for management and running



My project had a similar requirement for salesforce quality assurance. I agree Selenium Grid is a good option for your requirement as well. Lets say you have 2 systems(System A and System B).
Using selenium standalone you can set System A as master and run two slave nodes on System A and System B. These nodes will connect to master hub on system A. For rest of the part I recommend you edit your code to make 2 test cases of it. Both can be run in parallel or sequential later.

What is the use case/scenario if you remove “Chrome”, since chrome is actually not a real world “use case”. Why would you really want to do that on 2 different systems? What platform are we talking here, and what do we mean by “login” because that’s totally different to “authenticating”, and you can do that on one machine twice for the same effect surely?

Sorry if this reply sounds like another question, because nothing so far constitutes a test scenario.

Finally, welcome to the MOT Test community. We test everything here, even the testers, it’s a kind of initiation thing, actually maybe it’s not. Welcome once again.


In addition: Would it maybe sufficient to work with different Browsers or Browser session on the same system?
Do you need to log-in 2 users in parallel so that you have concurrent sessions?