EXPIRED - Call for Content - Long form training (1 to 3 days)

Type: Long form training (Training that is at least 1 to 3 days in length)

What we are looking for:

Whilst we have a wealth of workshops being run through the 99 minute workshop program and via our other upcoming events. We would like to be able to offer longer form training to the testing community. By longer form, we mean training that is at least 1 day in length up to 3 days in length.

Given that this sort of training is much larger in scope we’re happy to consider both individuals with existing long form training AND those who have an idea for training but are looking for support to build a training course. If you have an idea of what you would like to deliver, we can offer expert trainers and educators to help you plan out your work.

We have no specific topic in mind, but we’re looking to diversify what we offer in this space. Meaning we already have Automation in Testing and Essentials for automation and starting out in testing training respectively. So other ideas provided would appeal more

At this time, this is for online training only. We will consider other training once we begin in person events.


Payment may be dependent on the level of support you request for your training. However, typically we offer a 50/50 split after expenses from ticket sales. We are open to discussions around payment, but this is our preferred approach.

‌Payment is made after your training has been delivered.

Deadline to submit: 26th March

How to submit:

If you have an existing training course, please submit it via our Add your training form (Note: requires you to be logged into your MoT account)

If you have an idea for a course and would like to discuss it more, please get in touch with Mark at mark@ministryoftesting.com


This CFC is now closed. Although we are open to discussions about longer form training ideas. Please get in touch with mark@ministryoftesting.com to discuss any ideas.