Exploratory Test Note Taking - Rapid Reporter (Mac)

A few years ago, I embarked on a project to provide a conversion of Shmuel Gershon’s popular Rapid Reporter tool - the result of which, lives RapidReporterMac in github.

After the swift programming language moved to 3.0, I took some time to refactor the implementation, and make design tweaks so it would be more in line with the original look and feel. A snapshot of what it looks like can be seen below:

I made a few aesthetic tweaks, most notably:

  • The progress bar is now set behind the text field to provide that subtle indicator of how far you are into your session
  • A visual indicator of the session length (I’m always scrambling around trying to set/remind myself of how long I setup a session for)
  • Generation of a (customisable) HTML file in addition to the standard CSV.

Part of the reason for Rapid Reporter’s popularity is that it’s simple and unassuming. It purposely doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles or visible cues as we don’t want it to take focus away from your testing. Having said that, I do often wonder whether there are things that you wish Rapid Reporter would do that it currently doesn’t.

I’m almost at the point where I could release this via a new github repo, but have thought about making it available via the App Store - just for ease of pushing updates, etc. Naturally, the tool would be free, no ads, no in-app purchases, etc.

So, my question(s) to you:

  • Do you use Rapid Reporter?
  • What does it do well?
  • What doesn’t it do well?
  • What would you want to see in terms of enhancements (if any)?

I did, until I was on Mac. I have missed the -ToHtml since I have had to change.

I would LOVE to see the application accessible with the enhancements you are talking about in this post as a DMG as well as maybe even a start stop of a video stream. Sometimes a short video is good. A picture is worth 1000 words. A video can sometimes be worth 10000 words if used appropriately.

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Thanks for your work and for making this available!
I recently started using rapidreporter, and I stumbled upon this question while searching for the ‘new’ rapidreporter after I saw a screenshot in your talk on TestBash Brighton.

What I like about it:

  • simple
  • unobstrusive

I’d like:

  • clearer onboarding interface: I noticed that quite some people are confused (myself included) with the opening screen just saying ‘reporter’, then ‘charter’. That is actually some sort of wizard, but the interface doesn’t show that to the user. And then you are in ‘Setup’, which is actually the first ‘entry’ (setup being the type of that entry). I’d move ‘Reporter’ and ‘Charter’ somewhere else ór clearly distinguish it from the filing of entries
  • being able to disable some of the types I don’t use. Now I have to press the arrowkeys 4 times to go from ‘note’ to ‘bug’. Or maybe ‘edit’ them if possible: in another thread I saw a team that also included ‘praise’ as a type, that was nice imho
  • to edit the location of the CSV, so I can save it to Dropbox
  • to edit previous entries (I find myself quite ofter hitting the enterbutton a bit too soon)
  • to scroll through my previous entries to edit and re-enter them (like you do with the up-arrow in Terminal), since I use the same remarks very often when I’m loggin my testing session

EDIT: apparently my previous reply was not posted… I’ll try again. Sorry if it shows double now.

@khastings I use the Chrome-plugin Screencastify for video recording. I can also record your webcam + microphone if you like. The output is a hyperlink, so it’s easy to add as an entry to Rapid Reporter.

Is the source for the Windows version available?