Exporting Cucumber / Test Details from JIRA Xray to XML

Needing some help from all the Jira / XRay experts out there.

We have decided to move our test management away from the XRay plugin for Jira - For the simple reason, we have a small QA team but the pricing structure is based on the number of Jira users, and is extremely expensive.

Whilst we can export manual test steps, we have not been able to find a way to export (in bulk) the ‘XRay test’ issue type with the ‘Test Details & Cucumber scenario’ information.

Does anyone have any solution to this other than ‘start all over again’ or export 1 at a time?

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Quick update on this in case anyone is trying similar.

We tried literally everything including Jira Exporter, Xray Support, Jira Support, etc…
Not able to get the data we needed.

Ended up ‘copying’ all the data to a standard Jira field and then exported it to CSV.

Now able to move to a ‘user friendly’ Test Management solution - but with a fair bit of effort!