Fit For Purpose checklist

I’ve been asked to create a FFP checklist for the project I’m on.

Does anyone have an example / template they use?

I realise it’s a long shot as the document is very much a waterfall, enterprise, non-agile item. By the title alone I can probably have a stab at it. Hoping to eyeball something to use as a primer.

0. A checklist
A checklist is just a list of things to check. So a shopping list would be an example. If you want it to look fancy then fonts, titles and tables can be used. There’s no rules to a checklist that I know of that would lead me to a template.

1. For what?
Make sure this isn’t going to bite you later on. You know that a filled in checklist does not mean that something is fit for purpose, so having something called a “fit for purpose” checklist can be weaponised by people who doesn’t know that. Ensure you’re going to make something that’s treated with the proper respect.

2. Why?
What’s the reason to make it? Did someone ask you for it, or is it necessary to meet some standard or what? When will someone fill it in? Will anyone check that it’s been filled in? Will anyone actually ever look at it ever after it’s filled in? Will anyone ever actually fill it in? It’s more paperwork, more cost of time and attention, so it should pay for itself somehow. Knowing that will give you an idea of what to make.

  • If it’s to fulfil some arbitrary rule it just has to look good, not necessarily work (depending on the rule).
  • If it’s to ensure basic meeting of needs then you need to know those needs by looking at claims, sales information, USPs, demographics and so on. A phone for the elderly has different FFP items than a phone for teenagers, etc.
  • If it’s to prevent certain kinds of errors from escaping then look at those errors and write the list to encompass them.
  • If it’s to prevent complaints then you need to look at sales materials, the website, any claims made in advertising and write them down.

In closing
It’s hard to answer without knowing who asked you to do it, for what product and why.

Here’s an example of a FFP checklist for an energy department of the South Australian Government, written to help their Energy Resources Division assess the equipment of gas supplier licensees for public safety, employee safety, environmental safety and reliability of supply, as required by law: It examines things like risk assessment processes, change manangement, training, auditing, physical condition of equipment, management effectiveness. It’s vague enough to apply to multiple kinds of facility but specific enough to cover their ethical and legal requirements (I assume).