Quality Assurance checklists

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has anyone ever created a quality assurance checklist for developers/product owners to be used when doing feature planning meetings? I am looking for ideas on how this could look like, if it can be integrated into devops tool

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Hi Gabija, welcome to the most awesome tester community in the world.

Hope you enjoy your stay. As always whenever you talk to a QA engineer you need to fill them in on context. We love context, we also love making our own tools so long as the tool helps us not the other way around, so all going to be asking how can a tool check things, that’s in many safety critical contexts inherently dangerous we already know. (And also abdicates responsibility, much like my favorite tool, the car windscreen abdicates mine.) So do tell us more about why, and tell us more about yourself too.

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One checklist that pops into my head and I’d print and leave it on dev desks is Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet by Elisabeth Hendrickson: https://testobsessed.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/testheuristicscheatsheetv1.pdf
It serves as a great reminder for most common data type attacks and web tests.

Apart from that, I found that question lists have worked extremely well for me and the teams I worked in to advocate quality. From artifacts like Definition of Ready or Definition of Done to using a list of questions on Story kick-off. I linked posts to these concepts to my blog where I give examples of questions.


Take a look at the Heuristic Test Strategy Model from RST and pick what you need. Specifically Project Environment and Product Elements.
I find this very useful.


Thanks for this interesting information!

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You aren’t limited to single tags as the items in a flex box. If you’re building an online store catalog, for example, each item might have an image and product description. As long as the image and product description are contained within another element, that grouping can be a flex box item.

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Hi @gabajyte ,

Is the following on your radar?

Feature Chat Sheet: Conversation Starters

A useful checklist of questions to ask during planning.

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Every QA project is different, be it software, website, or application. And therefore, every project has its own unique requirements based on its purpose, objectives, and end users. Therefore, it becomes quite complex to create a checklist of QA benchmarks that work for all.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to take on QA initiatives within an agile environment, I would recommend you read our blog on the topic, “Checklist To Set Up QA Processes In An Agile Environment. ”