Furlough as a tester

What are you doing with your furlough time? do you miss testing?

I was told I was going on a 3 week furlough. The customer was then told. 2 days later I was told that my furlough was cancelled. So I guess I am doing nothing on mine

Testing is a tech thing. I don’t imagine too many testers are going through furlough at the moment. I’m at home and working more hours than ever.

unfortunately do think these strange times have been an opportunity for some companies to make sweeping changes w.r.t staff. Have seen my role advertised at a much lower day rate.

However never had time like this to study and look up newer technology or get some actual development in as was working long hours. I have spent more time on courses and filling in gaps in my knowledge then I have in a long time, feels gratifying and that it will help me in the future…whatever that may bring.


Yep! in the same situation here !

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Still testing though as learning new languages and get an understanding of new tools.

@swanny I think you’ll be interested and have some stuff to contribute here :slight_smile:

Oh my @swanny hun, stay safe.

I’m BOOOOORED with not working. It’s been ~6 months now. I am itching to get back to work.

As a contractor, furlough doesn’t pay, it works out at a pittance in my case :scream:

I posted in the quarantine upskills chat too. So it’s not all bad.


Testing is a tech thing. I don’t imagine too many testers are going through furlough at the moment

Actually, testing like any job needs to be paid / compensated - so when company needing the work (regardless of being tech or not. like testing) is not getting any customers… it can’t pay to its employees / contractors / etc → hence furlough or lay-off.

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Get news I’m off furlough in 3 weeks, so countdown of hobbies time, and motivation to do things now is back up.

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I’m also furlough, has anyone attempted to find extra work on the side? I am considering that but from what I’ve read, it’s not clear whether its allowed or not. It would be good to hear your guys’ tips on that.