Getting back into automation after a few years, what's new?

Good morning fellow testers, I’m currently between jobs and I’m looking for new opportunities. I’ve been performance testing now for more than 20 years, but alongside that I’ve made sure my automation skills have been maintained. After all, the two often complement each other.

I’m now tempted to look at full automation jobs, and I’m wondering what I should be looking for as a refresher? As a guide, my last full automation role was 6 years ago, where I used Protractor to test an Angular based UI. For that role I stuck with what I know, so it was a page object model within a BDD framework. Are POM’s still a ‘thing’ or are there better ways to do test automation on a UI?

What are the current ‘favoured’ tools? Is Selenium still near the top?

In the same role we also used a C# based tool to test API calls, it was entirely the wrong tool given the skillsets available in the team so I’d prefer not to try and work on that again. What would be a better API tool nowadays?

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Favoured tools, at least in terms of job ad requirements, seem to be Cypress, Playwright and Selenium Webdriver.

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