Have you used particular methods to enhance the accessibility of your presentations or content?

We’ve just published an enlightening article titled “Making Your Presentations More Accessible” from @adystokes aimed at anyone looking to make their content universally accessible. This article is a comprehensive guide that dives into creating presentations that are inclusive and enjoyable for every member of your audience, whether they’re joining you in person or virtually.

The piece provides detailed guidance on various aspects such as slide design, text layout, use of alt text for images, and much more, aiming to make presentations more comprehensible and engaging for people with different needs and preferences.

Have you implemented any specific techniques to improve the accessibility of your presentations or content? What techniques have you found most effective?

Your insights and experiences in this area are invaluable for community members looking to create accessible content. I encourage you to read Ady’s article for a more in-depth understanding and share your thoughts on this important topic.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and learning from your experiences in creating more accessible and inclusive content.

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Nice… Thanks @adystokes!

We’ve started using AbilityNet’s material in this area. Their downloadable videos on how to create accessibile docs, pdf, powerpoints etc etc are inexpensive and also a great place to start.

We have started with our Accessibility Champions group, getting everyone trained up but are now looking to circulate these out to the wider organsiation. :+1: