What do you wish you knew about accessibility at the start of your career?

Ady Stokes (@adystokes) and Scott Kenyon (@scottkenyon) spoke at TestBash UK 2023 about accessibility charters. They showed us the basics of accessibility and what charters are, as well as how an accessibility charter can be invaluable to the level of quality

What Are Accessibility Charters? Combines Strength of a Charter with the focus of Accessibility

So we invite you to watch this talk and use this Club thread to:

  • Share what you’d like to apply or have already applied at work
  • Open a discussion about what you’ve learned
  • Share your appreciation for Ady and Scott
  • Ask a question

:bulb: You don’t have to watch the entire talk if you don’t have time. Skip ahead to one of these concepts. And then come back to others later:

5m 30s - What is accessibility
7m 35s - A focus on accessibility
9m 16s - Accessibility and inclusion
9m 47s - Why accessibility?
14m 50s - What are charters?
16m 0s - How charters help
16m 29s - What are accessibility charters?
18m 13s - Accessibility and automation
18m 57s - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
21m 0s - How will accessibility charters improve quality?
22m 42s - Outcomes/Agreements

:film_projector: Watch “Accessibility Charters Introduction”

:information_source: This talk is available to watch with a Pro Membership

How about you? Do you use or know how to use an accessibility charter? Can you become an advocate for accessibility in your company? How inclusive is your company when developing new software?

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