Speaker Lineup Change for TestBash UK 2023

In an unforeseen turn of events and due to unavoidable circumstances, Janique Morris will no longer be able to present at TestBash UK 2023. We are very sad about this, but can guarantee you that we’ll very soon be able to learn from Janique Morris! So stay tuned for future announcements.

But there is also some good news: the TestBash team has swiftly orchestrated an impressive replacement, ensuring that attendees will still be treated to insightful and engaging discussions.

Stepping in at very short notice are two awesome experts in the field and very active community members: Ady Stokes and Scott Kenyon. Thank you both so much! :clap:
Both Ady and Scott have very kindly accepted the invitation to take the stage and share their knowledge on the crucial topic of Accessibility in Testing. Their combined expertise and years of experience promise to bring a fresh perspective to the conference, sparking meaningful conversations about the importance of inclusivity in everything we do.

@adystokes, known for his dynamic presentation style, great taste in shirts and deep understanding of accessibility challenges, is set to delve into strategies for seamlessly integrating accessibility testing into the development lifecycle.
@scottkenyon, known for his colour coordination and focus on communication and neurodiversity, Scott will share his knowledge on how to look at things from many different perspectives.

TestBash UK 2023 attendees can expect engaging and informative sessions that promise to broaden their horizons and equip them with practical insights to enhance their testing practices. The 20th and 21st of September in Liverpool are set to be an unforgettable gathering of testing professionals from around the world, united by their passion for excellence and quality in software testing.


Really looking forward to engaging conversations and learning. As I can’t tick volunteering at TeatBash this time I will be volunteering next time round :blush:


Thanks for the update, looking forward to learning much from them both!

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Really looking forward to some learning and networking at my first Test Bash. the first of many

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Fantastic news!! Really looking forward to meeting you too @melboyle !

Thank you for stepping in @adystokes and @scottkenyon