Hello, Cypress! with Kateryna Nesmyelova

@kittyness is going to share her Cypress journey with us at TestBash New Zealand so that we’ll know how Cypress works and we can start experimenting with Cypress :grin:

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Cypress has certain cool features such as time-traveling, in-built api support, however, there are certain limitations such as handling multi-tab. Yes, I am aware there are workarounds but my question is: are these workarounds a correct way of testing? As an end-user, you won’t, remove href attribute


Do you think it’s valid to compare Selenium vs Cypress?


How are you executing your tests in parallel in a distributed machine , like Selenium, we have a Grid?Cypress has dashboard but its a paid one.


What types of applications is Cypress good at testing? (Web, client side Fat applications, windows services, server side applications etc)


What would you say is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with using Cypress at your company?


Links mentioned in the talk

  1. Cypress documentation: https://docs.cypress.io/guides/overview/why-cypress.html
  2. Gleb Bakhmutov’s blog https://glebbahmutov.com/blog/ and GitHub https://github.com/bahmutov
  3. Cypress repo https://github.com/Kittyness/testapp
  4. CSS selectors https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_selectors.asp
  5. Stop using Page Objects https://www.cypress.io/blog/2019/01/03/stop-using-page-objects-and-start-using-app-actions/