Help Needed: Testing real-time visual recognition systems

Hello to everybody,

I am new here and this is my first post. I hope its the right place to ask…

I am new to the field of software testing. I worked seven years as a test engineer for mechanical devices and now I am looking for positions in software/hardware testing.
I have a job interview this week for a position as a test engineer for a company which develops solutions for visual detection of traffic signs, pedestrians etc. for autonomous driving.
They both ask for experience with the test of real-time hardware controllers and script languages as python (I assume for test automation). I have hardly ever done testing of real-time controllers and would like to learn if anybody has experience in this field and can briefly sum up what is important to focus on when testing real-time controllers.


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It’s not my area of expertise, but reading your question made me think of BJ Aberle’s talk from TestBash Phiadelphia (2017). He talked about testing a system that helps visually impaired individuals navigate the world around them (object detection, that sort of thing).

A couple of important things he mentioned were testing in different lighting and environmental conditions (daytime vs. night, clear day vs. inclement weather). He described setting up obstacle courses and testing with physical devices as well as simulating data input for automated testing.

(Just working off of my notes from attending.)

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Hi Jon,

thanks for this link, that is really interesting stuff and gives me very good material for the interview! The testing in real world I already thought about many things he mentioned, but building environments with game editors seems an interesting approach as those editors are fairly easy to use.

I am excited to learn what they use for testing, as I know that they are already pretty far ahead with autonomous driving systems. The job description mentioned a big portion of driving in “live” environments.

Have a good evening