HolidayBash Creativity Track: Share Your Festive Recipes

It’s always fascinated me how the holiday menu changes from house to house, family to family and country to country.

In honour of how popular the food channel is on Slack, we’ll have an entire session dedicated to sharing your festive recipes.

Start thinking about what’s a staple for your dinner table and get ready to share it live at HolidayBash :grin:

You can jump into this session at any time. You won’t need to register in advance.

There is a limit to the number of people who can be on screen at the one time so if you’re finished sharing your tips, maybe think about letting someone else jump on the screen and you can ask them questions in the chat :wink:

Ooh I’ve got the recipe that my family asks me to make every year… I’m already hungry :smiley:


Oh I am there!

It’s only my second time ever getting to do the Christmas spread and I am all for new ideas and flavours!

Might need to get a new notebook just for the occasion.

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Can I share a boozy holiday recipe or is that for the cocktail track only? (:


Yes please @veerle this may be what I need to get through this year!

Of course you can @veerle!