What might you do during the Community-led Sessions at HolidayBash? Take the 5-minute challenge. ⏱

HolidayBash 2021 is on its way and we’re excited to see what might happen during the Community-led Sessions (from 5pm GMT). Anything goes (whilst respecting the Code of Conduct of course)!

So here’s a challenge:

  1. Start a 5-minute timer
  2. Select “Reply”
  3. Type whatever ideas come to mind, no matter how silly or “out there” they might feel. You don’t have to commit to actually doing them
  4. Buzz! Once the timer finishes, select “Reply” - no editing :open_mouth:

TOP TIP: Try if you can not to peak at other ideas below to avoid biasing your ideas. I’d share some here yet I’d do just that if I did. :wink:

Your ideas could become reality if you like, it’s up to you to make it happen. The community will most likely support you.

Good luck! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



  • A group automation session that gets everyone to set up a basic test on the MOT website
  • A Game Jam
  • Try to build the concept for a new Test tool
  • A Python into group activity
  • Buzz