HolidayBash Mindfulness Track: Share Your Self-Care Tips

Throughout HolidayBash, we’ll have an entire track dedicated to mindfulness activities.

As part of this track, @gemma.hill1987 will be running a session to share your self-care tips :heart:

If you want to share or learn tips on how to mindfully navigate the holiday season, this is the perfect session to do that :grin:

Okay, I have thoughts on this!

I want to leave it open for people to ask questions, chat, share, but I also want some stuff in case people aren’t feeling comfortable sharing out loud, or just need warming up.

First: rules of engagement:

  • Keep things anonymous/don’t share outside the session without permission (unless it’s something I say, that can be shared freely).
  • Don’t ask ‘have you tried?’ instead frame it around sharing what has worked for you
  • Be kind, and take a break afterwards if needed!

Then I’ll probably go into keeping up MH/self care at the holidays, and how routines change at this time of year.

If you have anything particular you’d like covered but don’t want to ask in the session/want to be kept anonymous, feel free to message me on slack, or twitter, or email me and I’ll include it without mentioning your name <3