How did you handle the automation of Unity Anroid/ios games?

My company develops hypercasual games, something like coloring books and pop-it games.
I’m thinking about offering automation because manual tests take a lot of time and do the same action every time.

The main idea is to automate existing functional checklists and checking event logs (Firebase or Singular), I found AltUnity Tester framework, but so far I can’t understand how to check logs and events with it.

I would like to hear your advice/approaches to automate Unity games on mobile.

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Welcome to the MOT club Nikita.

I don’t test games. I believe, that it should be possible to automate testing of some part of these games though. Maybe just a part of the game like logging in or accessing integrations of the game like adverts or social links and scores. But as for tapping and playing, probably not something you want to even dream of ever doing - but there is plenty of room to test outside of that. Plenty of valuable testing can be done by getting the game developer to give you some back-door access to debug-builds with additional debug only changes that will let you ‘observe’ via a network channel, the app vitals. This will make using WebdriverIO in whatever framework you choose, to tap on things a lot easier. Games are usually Native apps, and unlikely to be Hybrid or Browser-Based. Although that’s a good starting question.

As for logs, you will need to “serve” or pipe log files over a TCP channel, I bit like a Log4Net type setup, to log to TCP not to file, which will only be possible in the special debug builds the devs do for you. Log4J probably supports this, you just need to know what port to connect to.