AltUnityTester and Test Automation

Has anyone here used AltUnitytester for test automation?

Was hoping to ask a few questions about someone’s experiences regarding waits and how they split up/organise their test suites when they run tests in the Unity Editor (starting with that first before moving to Appium to run them on iOS and Android)

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Hi Nicola,

We usually go for a POM structure, as for other UI tests.
For questions specific to AltUnity Tester, the easiest way to get answers is through the dedicated discord channel.


Gitter is also a really useful resource (it’s a live chat system):

I use this for a variety of other things like Selenide, Allure Report queries etc

Hi Alex,

I’ve just posted a question there. Hoping to get an answer in the discord channel.

Unfortuantely I’m also facing problems when trying to run the java tests in iOS (very similar to the problem in the unity editor)

I’m following the instructions in this video, but both when I try to run it from a simulator or an actual device, I get this error Could not create connection to

I cloned the repo and haven’t made any changes to the files - is there some sort of extra set up I need to do?

Thanks! I looked there but it seems like people don’t really use gitter and they’re on discord? By any chance have you been trying to test iOS applications and tried to use this video for that?

The plan is to drop the Gitter channel for Discord. So if you want to get help, it’s better to address your questions on the Discord channel.