Take the Test.Bash(); 2022 UI Challenge - No longer accepting submissions

We are looking for people to submit 20-minute videos that show solutions to one of our Test.Bash() challenges. You can learn more about submitting to Test.Bash() in our news post announcing the challenges.

The UI Challenge

For this challenge, we want to see how you might go ahead with automating the UI layer using different tools. We’d like to see how far you got with solving the challenge, what you liked about the tooling you used, and what you disliked.

For this challenge, we’ll be using restful-booker-platform which can be found here: https://automationintesting.online/


Using a UI automation tool that you think the community would be interested in, show us how you would mitigate the following risk:

An admin user is unable to see and read the message in the admin portal

If you had to build UI automation to check that messages can be seen and read, how would you do it?


One example of mitigating this risk might be to use SeleniumWebdriver to:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to https://automationintesting.online/
  2. Complete the Contact Us form
  3. Log into the admin panel found at Restful-booker-platform demo
  4. Access the created message in Restful-booker-platform demo
  5. Assert the contents of the message match the details filled in the Contact Us form


How to Submit Your Demo

Once you’ve recorded your tool demo please:

  • Upload your video to Wistia with the title stating your full name and the challenge you took. For example MarkWinteringham_APIChallenge.
  • Complete the Typeform below to inform us of your demo and to help us learn more about you.

We’ll be in touch soon to confirm if your demo will be part of Test.bash(); 2022.

What you will get

For each accepted challenge demo the speaker(s) will be entitled to:

  • £100 fee
  • Conference access

Deadline to Submit

All submissions in before the 30th of September 2022!

Calling all tool vendors

This contribution is open to testing community members only. However, if you would love to show how your tooling can solve our challenges, why not sponsor Test.Bash(); and get the opportunity to show the power of your solution to our attendees whilst supporting the testing community.

Please contact marketing@ministryoftesting.com to learn more


It is in Wistia and here: How to create a UI automated test with testRigor - YouTube took just 2 min.

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I’m working on one! Can’t wait to post it, as I usually don’t do terribly technical pieces - more testing theory… :sweat_smile: Cheers to the others who are nervous like me!


I wouldn’t worry, This is my first one that I have submitted ever.


Done this one and uploaded it.

Done and uploaded - had a panic that I’d missed the date until I checked :rofl: :see_no_evil:

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Hey, apologies but when I uploaded my attempt I couldn’t help but notice your name didnt seem to be in Wisitia as having uploaded an attempt.

If you need someone to review, help etc just give me a shout. Im sure what you have is awesome and you should upload it!

All the best,



Submitted mine too! :blush:


Morning Paul,

The login details were in the panel that initially display at the top of the page.

If you’ve clicked on the Let me hack button these details will no longer be displayed to you. If you want to see this information again, you’ll need to delete the cookies for this page as clicking on the button to hide the popup stores a cookie to stop it from displaying again.

The login name is: admin
The password is: password

The link you shared is incorrect, your missing a / (forward slash) before the word admin.

I hope that helps,

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Hi there! Just submitted my solution using Playwright.
Code lives here: GitHub - drakulavich/testbash2022-ui-challenge at master

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The Dark Arts Wizard just submitted a 2nd Codeless solution. This time for the UI Automation challenge in testRigor. No xPath, no CSS, no Page Object model. Just plain English!
And since I had a few extra minutes, I added creating a random room, and booking it with the Guest as well as the Admin.

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Thanks everyone for uploading your video challenge solutions.

I’ll now close down this thread.

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